NAO Next Gen Robot

This family-friendly humanoid robot designed by Aldebaran Robotics is also a multi-functional robot with features including microphones, HD cameras, Wi-Fi connectivity, Hi-Fi speakers, pressure sensors, a voice synthesizer and much more. It has made appearances at events including the Shanghai Expo in China with a synchronized dance routine, at Robocup participating with its own football team, in the UK teaching autistic children, and even demonstrating a stand-up comedy routine in December 2011. Read more at

Paul the Drawing Robot

This robot created by artist and researcher, Patrick Tresset, is a sketcher shaped like an arm that is able to draw portraits of people. It was primarily designed for Tresset’s “New Work” gallery installation which occurred in London in 2011. Read more at

Pepper, the emotional robot

Another robot by Aldebaran Robotics, this emotional humanoid bot is designed to be able to assess moods, and interact with humans. It is able to shake hands, dance and display messages on the display screen on it’s chest. Read more at

The Hybrid Exploration Robot for Air and Land Deployment.

is composed of two snake-like machines that attach via magnets to a UAV. After being carried to the site by the quadcopter, snake bots can detach themselves, slip through the holes and cracks of a collapsed building, for instance, and slither to their destinations.

The US military is considering the use of exoskeletons like this Sarcos for its soldiers

It was inevitable that funding for these projects by the US Military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) would lead to spin-offs finding their way into private startups. There are now at least another three companies developing exoskeletons for commercial use and the focus is on creating them to help people with spinal injuries. A Swedish company, Ekso Bionics, makes a 20kg titanium and aluminium suit that costs $100,000 a pop, which has helped several crippled individuals walk again for the first time.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Meet Dash and OSHbot: the robot workers who might steal your job

More than 130,000 robots are predicted to be sold by 2017 as hotels and retail outlets start trialling automated staff. Mark Harris meets two of them

Dash and OSHbot are both hard-working employees in demand. Dash serves guests in a Silicon Valley hotel, while OSHbot works as a retail assistant in downtown San Jose, California. Only they’re not people. They are the first of a new breed of mobile, semi-intelligent robots designed to assist customers and work alongside human employees in shops, hotels and hospitals – and perhaps ultimately even replace them.

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Maybe you've wanted one of those powerup planes, but they are so darn expensive! This instructable will solve that problem by showing you how make one for just a few bucks! Components This is made up of:A supercapacitor (1F min)A plug of your choice, both male and female plugs, in this case I use...
By: Lasplaner

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How to make a 3D hologram at home

I will show you how to make simple and easy 3D hologram at home. You can use any LCD screen, any smart phone or your laptop. According to your chose you have to adjust the size of your hologram pyramid. In this tutorial I show how to use your LCD screen to make 3D hologram. What you need You...
By: KapthuraJ

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Signal Generation with MATLAB. Example of DTMF in telephony

In mathematics a signal is a real function of a real variable f(t). In electronics it represents the evolution of a voltage (or a current) over the time and depends on the performances of the stage of the amplifier. Through a memory buffer, samples move to a digital-to-analog converter that pro...
By: mdipaolo

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Reutilizando partes de una impresora

Aquí les traigo un método de disminuir dispositivos que puedan ser útiles para ustedes. Las impresoras son unos dispositivos con mecanismos realmente complejos desde la manera de generar el movimiento para deslizar la hoja en posiciones exactas, así como también de las impresoras multi funcionales q...
By: lupera13k

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Convert ioLibrary into BSD socket style on W5500-EVB

W5500-EVB platform was announced by WIZnet. So I implemented a firmware of W5500-EVB by using BSD socket API because I can handle a source code easily.You can know site. Please refer to the following step. Prepare materials Please refer to the following.1. W5500-EVB board. ( ht...
By: bingdo72

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Asteroids Con OLED Y Arduino

Acá un juego retro "Asteroids". Que ocupamos:Arduino UNOOLED SSD1306 display (en esta caso el Itead OLED2864)Potenciómetro 10kBotónJumper cables y breadboard Conexiones El OLED diplay se conecta como se indica en la foto:OLED vcc - Arduino 3.3V (aunque esta conexión no hace falta)OLED gnd - Ardui...
By: tomasdecamino

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