Monday, 14 September 2015

Ana Matronic: why we should raise robots like children

They can’t drive, play football or get goosebumps from listening to music. So why are we so afraid of our mechanical offspring, asks the Scissor Sisters singer

Robots are machines of human creation. Let me say that one more time: robots are machines. Though many of them have arms, legs and heads, they cannot move, sense touch, or see like humans. Artificial intelligence is just that: artificial. It is a simulation of human intelligence, becoming ever more human-like in its creative and problem-solving capacities, but it is not yet a mind. Robots come from us, but are not like us. There is so much more to the human brain than the ability to process information, and it’s this subtle intelligence that will always set us apart from our mechanical counterparts.

It will be a long time before a robot experiences the rush of a first kiss, the syrupy swoon in the scent of a rose

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