My Robot V1

How To Make an Obstacle Avoiding Arduino Robot!

Let get started 

seem good ?!4x4 motorisation

Here's everything you need to make MyRobotV1. I'll provide links to where you can buy these parts

4WD Robot Chassis
1 servomotor
2 TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier
arduino uno
2 battery 9v
sona sensor
1 capacitor 100uf
some wires

Alright, so first of all let's look at the flowchart. 

First of all we start off with the diamond shape, the diamond shape represents a check. For this check we are seeing if there is an object closer than 30 cm to our robot. The check has two possible outcomes, yes or no. Yes, meaning that there is indeed some object closer than 30 cm. No, meaning that there is no objects detected within 30 cm.

If there is nothing within 30 cm the robot can simply move forward as the path is clear. If there is something closer than 30 cm the robot must perform obstacle avoidance maneuvers.

The first stage of obstacle avoidance is to stop the robot! If you don't stop the robot immediately it will crash!

Phew! That was dramatic.

After the robot has stopped it needs to see what way it should go. It does this by looking both directions, much like you should when you cross the road. First the robot turns left, takes a reading, turns right, takes a reading.

Another check occurs to see what direction is the best way to go. If left is the way to go it has to turn back to the left and then go forward. If right is the way to go the robot simply moves forward as it is already facing in the right direction.
So that was pretty easy wasn't it? All we have to do now is convert that diagram into Arduino code and that's it, obstacle avoidance code done!

for more details

#include <Servo.h>#include <NewPing.h>

////////////////////////////////////////////////servo motor and sonar sensor ////////////////////////////////////////////
const int dangerdistance = 30; //safety distance for obstacles (in cm)Servo panMotor;  // create a servo object #define TRIGGER_PIN  3  // Arduino pin tied to trigger pin on the ultrasonic sensor.#define ECHO_PIN     2  // Arduino pin tied to echo pin on the ultrasonic sensor.#define MAX_distance 200 // Maximum distance we want to ping for (in centimeters). Maximum sensor distance is rated at 400-500cm.NewPing sonar(TRIGGER_PIN, ECHO_PIN, MAX_distance); // NewPing setup of pins and maximum distance.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////                 MOTOR               ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
This code conducts a few simple manoeuvres to illustrate the functions:  - motorDrive(motorNumber, motorDirection, motorSpeed)  - motorBrake(motorNumber)  - motorStop(motorNumber)  - motorsStandby
Connections:- Pin 5 ---> PWMA- Pin 7 ---> AIN2- Pin 8 ---> AIN1- Pin 11 ---> STBY- Pin 12 ---> BIN1- Pin 13 ---> BIN2- Pin 6 ---> PWMB
- Motor 1: A01 and A02- Motor 2: B01 and B02
//Define the Pins
//Motor 1int pinAIN1 = 8; //Directionint pinAIN2 = 7; //Directionint pinPWMA = 5; //Speed
//Motor 2int pinBIN1 = 12; //Directionint pinBIN2 = 13; //Directionint pinPWMB = 6; //Speed
//Standbyint pinSTBY = 11;
//Constants to help remember the parametersstatic boolean turnCW = 0;  //for motorDrive functionstatic boolean turnCCW = 1; //for motorDrive functionstatic boolean motor1 = 0;  //for motorDrive, motorStop, motorBrake functionsstatic boolean motor2 = 1;  //for motorDrive, motorStop, motorBrake functions
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////unsigned long time;    // timer for boucle do ... while unsigned long timeplus;// timer for boucle do ... while
int distance; int uS;void setup() {  //Set the PIN Modes motor  pinMode(pinPWMA, OUTPUT);  pinMode(pinAIN1, OUTPUT);  pinMode(pinAIN2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(pinPWMB, OUTPUT);  pinMode(pinBIN1, OUTPUT);  pinMode(pinBIN2, OUTPUT);  pinMode(pinSTBY, OUTPUT);//Serial.begin(9600);    panMotor.write(90);   delay(15000);// wait until I get ready    panMotor.attach(4); // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object }
void loop() {  panMotor.write(90); // turn a sonar sensor to 90 degree 
  delay(500); // ping sonar sensor to get distance  int uS =; int centerdistance = uS / US_ROUNDTRIP_CM;    if(centerdistance==0){centerdistance=200;}// fix newping library mistaken
       if (centerdistance>dangerdistance) //if path is clear          {                      //**********************************   WHILE NO OBSTACLE IN YOUR FRONT KEEP MOVING AND CHECK FOR OBSTACLE each 100 MS*******************

 do   // (while sensor give less than 30cm keep robot move forward ){  int uS =; int centerdistance = uS / US_ROUNDTRIP_CM;;  // check the sensors  delay(100);          // wait for sensors to stabilize motorDrive(motor1, turnCW, 150); motorDrive(motor2, turnCW, 150);} while (centerdistance < dangerdistance);

}    //----------------------- pathe is blocked -----------------    else //if path is blocked      { motorBrake(motor1); motorBrake(motor2); if(centerdistance<dangerdistance)// if your distance is less then dangerdistance         {                motorDrive(motor1, turnCCW, 180); //go back           motorDrive(motor2, turnCCW, 180);// go back            delay(500);          motorBrake(motor1); motorBrake(motor2);       }    panMotor.write(5); // turn to your right      delay(500);      int rightdistance =; //scan to the right      delay(500);          if(rightdistance==0){rightdistance=200;}// fix newping library mistaken
     panMotor.write(175);// turn left       delay(900);       int  leftdistance =; //scan to the left       delay(500);if(leftdistance==0){leftdistance=200;}// fix newping library mistaken      //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// COMPARE DISTANCE RIGHT AND LEFT ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////              if (leftdistance>rightdistance && leftdistance>dangerdistance) //if left is less obstructed and super than  dangerdistance  {  //Stop Motor1,Motor2  motorStop(motor1);  motorStop(motor2);  panMotor.write(175);//turn sonar to left " get ready to check left side of robot when it turn"  delay(400);     time=millis(); do   // (do turn robot to left while sensor give less than 30cm and time not more then 800 ms ){  int uS =;  distance = uS / US_ROUNDTRIP_CM;;  // check the sensors  delay(100);          // wait for sensors to stabilize //Turn towards motor1: Stop Motor1, slow Motor2   motorDrive(motor1,turnCCW, 180); motorDrive(motor2, turnCW, 180); timeplus=millis();} while (distance > dangerdistance & timeplus-time<800);
 motorBrake(motor1); motorBrake(motor2);               panMotor.write(90);// turn sonar to origin position  delay(2000);

  }  else if (rightdistance>leftdistance && rightdistance>dangerdistance) //if right is less obstructed and super than  dangerdistance  {      //Stop Motor1,Motor2  motorStop(motor1);  motorStop(motor2);  panMotor.write(5);  delay(400);             time=millis(); do   //(do turn robot to right while sensor give less than 30cm and time not more then 800 ms ){  int uS =;  distance = uS / US_ROUNDTRIP_CM;  // check the sensors  delay(100);          // wait for sensors to stabilize   motorDrive(motor2,turnCCW, 180); motorDrive(motor1, turnCW, 180); timeplus=millis(); } while (distance > dangerdistance & timeplus-time<800);  motorBrake(motor1);  motorBrake(motor2);
      panMotor.write(90);  delay(2000);           }  else // if no solution   {     // stop everything  motorBrake(motor1);  motorBrake(motor2);  motorsStandby();  panMotor.write(90); delay(9000);   }    }      }

/////////////////////////////                                    FUNCTIONS                                  /////////////////////////////////////////

void motorDrive(boolean motorNumber, boolean motorDirection, int motorSpeed){  /*  This Drives a specified motor, in a specific direction, at a specified speed:    - motorNumber: motor1 or motor2 ---> Motor 1 or Motor 2    - motorDirection: turnCW or turnCCW ---> clockwise or counter-clockwise    - motorSpeed: 0 to 255 ---> 0 = stop / 255 = fast  */
  boolean pinIn1;  //Relates to AIN1 or BIN1 (depending on the motor number specified)
//Specify the Direction to turn the motor  //Clockwise: AIN1/BIN1 = HIGH and AIN2/BIN2 = LOW  //Counter-Clockwise: AIN1/BIN1 = LOW and AIN2/BIN2 = HIGH  if (motorDirection == turnCW)    pinIn1 = HIGH;  else    pinIn1 = LOW;
//Select the motor to turn, and set the direction and the speed  if(motorNumber == motor1)  {    digitalWrite(pinAIN1, pinIn1);    digitalWrite(pinAIN2, !pinIn1);  //This is the opposite of the AIN1    analogWrite(pinPWMA, motorSpeed);  }  else  {    digitalWrite(pinBIN1, pinIn1);    digitalWrite(pinBIN2, !pinIn1);  //This is the opposite of the BIN1    analogWrite(pinPWMB, motorSpeed);  }   
//Finally , make sure STBY is disabled - pull it HIGH  digitalWrite(pinSTBY, HIGH);
void motorBrake(boolean motorNumber){/*This "Short Brake"s the specified motor, by setting speed to zero*/
  if (motorNumber == motor1)    analogWrite(pinPWMA, 0);  else    analogWrite(pinPWMB, 0);   }

void motorStop(boolean motorNumber){  /*  This stops the specified motor by setting both IN pins to LOW  */  if (motorNumber == motor1) {    digitalWrite(pinAIN1, LOW);
    digitalWrite(pinAIN2, LOW);
  }  else  {    digitalWrite(pinBIN1, LOW);    digitalWrite(pinBIN2, LOW);  } }

void motorsStandby(){  /*  This puts the motors into Standby Mode  */  digitalWrite(pinSTBY, LOW);}


great job but when i verify the code is said ther is a problem

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