Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Appliances of science: the synthetic body parts used to reconstruct humans

A robotic arm and a bionic penis both made headlines this week. Here are eight other prosthetic innovations that could revolutionise surgery

“There’s a pump in my testicles. When I want to have sex, I pump it up, inflate it … And then, when I’m done, I deflate it again.” So said Edinburgh’s Mohammed Abad about the “bionic penis” he has been given by doctors at University College London, after a childhood car accident robbed him of his genitals.

The pneumatic phallus is the first in a long line of organ innovations that promise to one day send us in to the world of body disposability. This week, 25-year-old Joel Gibbard from Bristol won the James Dyson award for engineering innovation by designing an artificial hand that uses 3D printing to match the owner’s real hand, while also slashing component costs from £25,000 to about £3,000.

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