Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Uncanny Lover

Looking for robotics on internet, we found this video from the New York Times. It presents the work of Matt MacMullen from Abyss Creations.

The video begins by presenting Denise, a character (AI) that says it dreams to understand the meaning of love and have a body to become the first sexual robot.

The creator considers himself an artist, and says that always want to carve womens and intends to incorporate artificial intelligence and robotics to their creations.

He highlights the two main points in this job; the AI and animatronic, as a challenge to creat a experience more realistic, that can truly envolve.

Matt understands that your robotic dolls, although rich in details, colors and textures are seen as dolls. He believes this is how it should be, keeping a distance of super realistic. He doesn't want his creations been a copy of real people, avoiding this way the uncanny valley (http://ift.tt/L6R05i). Or the point where people can react badly about the robot, that doesn't fit in something natural nor articifial for the human psyche. 

His motivation is artistic, aiming to reach the point which people can develop some kind of emotional bounding as love, not only for robots that he builts, but for the character behind it.

The video ends with a teasing: "Do you want to look away? Or do you want to step closer? What do you want? What you are afraid of?

from electronic for robot http://ift.tt/1JtFevP


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